1-on-1 Organizing Conversations Series


This page is a collection and curation of my ongoing series of blog posts on 1-on-1 organizing conversations. Most of it is written from the standpoint of a worker organizing their workplace, but I think the same basic principles apply, with minor adjustments, to other realms like community organizing and staff organizers.

  • An Introduction to 1-on-1 Organizing Conversations
    • Here I give an overview of 1-on-1s and the AEIOU framework (agitate-educate-inoculate-organize-uplift) in the context of organizing with a coworker who’s starting to get involved. All other posts in this series are built on AEIOU as discussed here.
  • Organizing Is Not about Getting People to Agree with Radical Ideas
    • Newly radicalized people often get excited about radicalizing other people through intellectual argument and sometimes use this approach in 1-on-1s, but that’s actually not how we should think about organizing. Rather, building power with our coworkers is about using social relationships to re-examine and re-interpret our circumstances as workers and what it would take to make things better. Spreading radical ideas is better thought of as an important and inevitable byproduct rather than an immediate aim of good organizing. Stick to AEIOU and you’ll have more success.
  • Species of 1-on-1s
    • In this post I go over how AEIOU can be applied to a wider range of 1-on-1 organizing conversations than just the first 1-on-1 you have with a coworker.
  • Agitation and the 1-on-1
    • Here I go deeper into the first step of AEIOU by looking at many of the challenges and mistakes I’ve made while agitating and thinking about how to do it better.
  • Education and the 1-on-1
    • In this post I tease out some of the intricacies and challenges that arise in the educate step of AEIOU.